Rave reviews from Jean-Yves’s time at the Boston Symphony Orchestra

April 24 2015

“The deft and mutually supportive interactions between Thibaudet and various orchestra members was a constant delight…Thibaudet’s zesty performance earned him an ovation and three returns to the stage.”—“Boston Classical Review”

“At the keyboard, Thibaudet filled out the picture with a full palette of colorful playing…Bright string sonorities highlighted the slow, mournful phrases like rays of sunshine through clouds. Thibaudet’s accompaniment, here, was pearly and deep.”—“Boston Classical Review”

“Thibaudet’s muscular, percussive sound anchored the ensemble, which sharpened the music’s glint to an edge, rendering its drifts in and out of harmonic shadow in Rembrandt-like colors.”—“The Boston Globe”

“Dazzling and dumbfounding were Thibaudet’s ways with Ravel’s ever-shifting techniques, and the BSO was right there in the thick of it. The entire concerto was a masterpiece of performance, as thrilling, colorful, imaginative, yet natural as ever could be.”—“The Boston Music Intelligencer”